Zoe Nathan’s blood orange tart




It’s true.  This tart is as beautiful as it is delicious.  Since this recipe has been posted and reposted on the web, I will simply link to the original and offer my endorsement along with a few notes.







When I’m setting off to make a tart, I always plan to double the dough.  Making twice as much dough is as simple as making a single round.  You can refrigerate the extra dough for up to three days or freeze it (well wrapped a few times over) for up to three months.


My favorite galette dough recipe is similar to the original, but with a slightly higher flour to butter ratio.  I doubled the recipe and used 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour.


I omitted the baking powder simply because I’ve never used baking powder in a tart dough and it felt like an unnecessary addition.  However, I’m now a bit curious about its affect and have a mental note to try it next time around.


Lastly, this tart is best the day it is cooked.  It was brilliant within a few hours of emerging from the oven, but hardly enjoyable the next day; it was limp in both texture and flavor.  I tried crisping the left-over slice in the oven (375 F for 15 minutes; allow to cool completely), which breathed half a life back into the mid-afternoon snack.  But still, I recommend sharing with friends and consuming the tart fresh, at room temperature.


Mike - All three pictures in this post are some of the best food photos you’ve ever taken. Beautiful.

Deb - A very appealing tart! The vibrant blood oranges are irresistible!

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